Michael Sattler - Anabaptist Martyr

Michael Sattler (c.1495-1527) was a Benedictine monk who left the Roman Catholic Church after studying the Scriptures and being influenced by Protestant theology. He emerged as a leading figure in the Anabaptist movement, alongside Conrad Grebel and Felix Manz, working in Zurich, Rottenburg and Strasbourg.

Arrested by the Roman Catholic authorities in Horb, he was accused of heresy and burned to death on May 21st 1527. His wife Margaretha was put to death by drowning a few days later. The charges against Michael Sattler are outlined below:

Article or Charges Against Michael Sattler

  • First, that he and his adherents have acted contrary to the mandate of the Emperor
  • Secondly, he has taught, held and believed that the body and blood of Christ are not present in the sacrament
  • Thirdly, he has taught and believed that infant baptism does not conduce to salvation
  • Fourthly, they have rejected the sacrament of extreme unction
  • Fifthly, they have despised and condemned the mother of God and the saints
  • Sixthly, he has declared that men are not to swear before the authorities
  • Seventhly, he has commenced a new an unheard of custom in regard to the Lord's Supper, placing the bread and wine on a plate, and eating and drinking the same
  • Eighthly, he has left the order, and married a wife
  • Ninthly, he has said that if the Turks should invade the country, no resistance ought to be offered them; and if it were right to wage war, he would rather take the field against the Christians than against the Turks; and it is certainly a great matter, to set the greatest enemies of our holy faith against us

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