Millennium Communists?

A group of "heretics" arrested near the city of Turin in 1030 are reported by their captors as claiming that "All our possessions we have in common with all men."

Three centuries later, by contrast, Pope John XXII died having amassed a fortune of 25,000,000 florins. Based on the current price of gold, and the fact that the medieval florin contained 3.5 g of gold, the Pope's personal fortune might be compared to a value of about £400m million in today's currency.

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I was looking for some graphics for a book I am writing about the Bohemian Brethren and found your blog. Seems you are not real active with it. :-)
I find church history very interesting, especially "3rd-stream" groups, probably because I am a modern "3rd-streamer". :-)
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